Tiny Art

The Tiny Art Exhibition is coming to a city near you, sometime soon! We are touring Australia with all the perspective-altering art, so get your magnifying glasses and your microscopes, and prepare for the exhibition of a lifetime.

Dates and locations are to be confirmed, but rest assured that you will be enjoying some of the world’s smallest (and biggest) art in no time.

What is this, an exhibition for ants?

Kind of! Our belief is that size is all a matter of perspective. It may be tiny art to the eyes of a human, but to a bug it is regular-sized art. The purpose of this exhibition is to explore concepts of perspective and size. Contrary to the exhibition’s name, we also have giant art, intended to make you feel tiny. We are sure you will have the experience of a lifetime, which will change the way you think forever.

Which artists will be featured at the exhibition?

We strive to promote up-and-coming artists through our exhibitions, so there will likely be few artists you are familiar with. Some of our favourites include LB Thompson, Gabby Spencer, Emerson Claire and TV Tempest. Masters of microscopic art and art that will make you feel microscopic, these fresh talents will bring a breadth of life and energy to the exhibition that will have you begging for more.

Why are all the artworks named in French?

We have a lot of people wondering about the names of the artworks featured in the Tiny Art Exhibition, since they all seem to be French. The truth is that these names are entirely coincidental. There’s a new trend in the world of art, where artists choose French to name their works. We don’t claim to understand the minds of young artists! 

Exhibition Preview

To give you a little peek into what this exhibition is all about, we’re featuring three works from the Tiny Art Exhibition on our website. Does the description have you intrigued? You’ll have to come along to the exhibition to see what the art actually looks like!

Où Est La Bibliothèque – LB Thompson

This brilliant piece of tiny art will leave its audience stunned, perfectly capturing the fears and hopes of the rising generation in such a small space. If anything in the Tiny Art Exhibition is going to change the world, we think this will be it.

Allons Sur La Lune – Emerson Claire

Greeting your party as you enter the Tiny Art Exhibition is this thirty-foot artwork that will make you feel like a dust particle floating randomly through the universe. This sets you in the right mind frame for our exhibition, as you explore the boundaries of human perception and perspective.

Il Est Temps De Mourir – Jason Boxley

The less said about this artwork the better. As you prepare to complete your journey with us, you will be met with the only regular-sized (from a human perspective) artwork featured at the Tiny Art Exhibition. Through it, you will be given the opportunity to reflect on life, death and the universe.