Awesome Car Rally

We are now six rounds into our car racing competition and it’s going to be great. My decision to only draft cars that had a really sound service and repair history has paid off. It was also a great decision on my behalf to check the roadworthy and car safety certificates that had been issued to each car. Raceview authorities are extremely adamant about drivers only driving cars that are roadworthy, which is why so many of my competitors have had to forfeit so far this season. A couple of drivers have even forfeited against me which has given me an instant win.

This is a prime example as to why thinking ahead and looking at things such as the date of when the most recent brake repair service was and reading the servicing records is so important. I know it’s not the most entertaining way to spend the off-season, but it’s a great way to make sure the actual season is so much fun.

Sometimes you just have to think ahead. There’s no point in choosing the best, most awesome looking car if it doesn’t run well. I guess that is kind of a metaphor for life really. You have to think things through and not judge a book by its cover, or in this case, not judge a car by its awesome rims or shiny new paint job.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank the expert mechanic driving distance to Raceview for doing such a great job checking over the vehicles that I ended up drafting. Each one of them is flawless to drive and purrs like a kitten. You can really tell that the mechanic who serviced and repaired the cars really cared about how they turned out. The mechanic definitely wanted the cars to run smoothly and they certainly do. They might not be the best looking or ‘coolest’ cars, but they are definitely the best quality thanks to the mechanic in Raceview.