Fibreglass Pot Frenzy

Gnomes love pots, and Shirley wasn’t sure what to do with that information. All she knew was that she needed hundreds more. Ever since she had moved into her new home, she had entered into a world of pots and gnomes she wasn’t aware even existed.

It all started when she decided to add a bit of greenery into her space by jumping on the designer indoor plant craze. Her friends all had pots filled with lush foliage and beautiful flowers, creating breathtaking displays in their houses. She wanted in on it too.

She had even gone so far as to adopt a gigantic fiddle leaf fig (which had led into a long dive into the rabbit hole of extra large pots for plants). The next morning, after she had carefully placed the towering plant into its cachepot the day before, she had found the pot tipped over. Soil had littered her floor.

Upon further inspection, she had found a gnome with a pointy hat burrowed into the warm soil. It appeared to be napping, soaking up the benefits of the indirect sunlight that filtered through the window. 

That was just the beginning. Every new plant came with a new designer pot, carefully selected to accent the room. Every interior decision was overruled by the mass of gnomes that found their way into her house and, subsequently, into the pots themselves.

The large pots were fine, but the creatures had begun to unroot the smaller plants completely. It infuriated Shirley – watching them dismantle the plants from their fibreglass plant pots. Melbourne, it seemed, had a gnome problem that she had never been aware of.

Her friends told her to be patient. That the gnomes would move onto a new home soon. Apparently, this was common when first introducing indoor plants into your space. Nobody at the plant nursery had bothered to prepare her for this inevitability, though. 

Shirley tried to be patient, but she was sick of getting her feet covered in soil every time she walked through her living room. If these gnomes were determined to stay, she would need to find a way to co-exist alongside them.

Cheese Hardware Shop

Devoted to the culinary arts as a professional caterer, I find myself ceaselessly orchestrating a symphony of flavours within the confines of my kitchen domain. My reputation, well-earned within the industry, beckons the allure of opulent affairs, where the guest list tallies in the hundreds. With an influx of prestigious engagements, the crescendo of success has prompted me to secure an additional kitchen space, a canvas where gastronomic dreams are vividly brought to life. It’s a thrilling juncture in my culinary journey.

Today, a new chapter unfurls as I embark on preparations for a grand wedding spectacle. The prospective attendance of over 500 eager souls, woven with the couple’s aspirations, has culminated in a rustic theme for their culinary experience. The very essence of ‘rustic’ evokes images of warm wood tones and the allure of tradition. Determined to realise this vision, I ventured to a hardware shop near me in Cheltenham, seeking to translate rustic splendour into tangible form. Amidst the bustling aisles, a cheese board concept materialised, an elongated canvas promising decadence that none could simply bypass. A helpful store attendant, amidst a cohort of skilled tradespeople, furnished me with an arsenal of power and hand tools essential for my creative undertaking.

Subsequently, my quest led me to another establishment, a Cheltenham store that stocks timber, its interior a sanctuary of oak flooring and cedar boards. Amidst the myriad options, a single piece emerged as the embodiment of rustic allure – its dark hues and dimensions aligning perfectly with my envisaged masterpiece. In a serendipitous twist, its proportions suited my vision impeccably, streamlining the assembly process. My journey culminated at the counter, a piece of artful timber cradled in my arms, accompanied by a vial of paint destined to grace its edges with artistry.

Anticipating the tableau of flavours that will grace this crafted platform, I visualise an array of delights: olives, nuts, decadent jams, and a medley of savoury deli meats. The finale, an ode to local splendour, might well involve a detour to the adjacent florist, where clusters of native Australian flora could punctuate the cheese board with a vibrant touch of botanical elegance.

As my culinary imagination takes flight, I embark on the journey of transforming timber into a culinary masterpiece, weaving a narrative of rustic charm and culinary excellence, all set to unfold beneath the auspices of love and celebration.

Drain Plumber Six

Following a day dedicated to the distribution of cheese to the rodent populace of Melbourne, Remy eventually found his way back to his abode. Nestled within the walls of an apartment in close proximity to the bustling city, he took immense pride in the impeccable outfitting of his diminutive domicile. A fervent environmentalist, Remy had orchestrated the entire space from entirely repurposed elements – kitchen drawers lovingly crafted from matchboxes, beds that cradled him with feathers, and tables, once pizza boxes, now serving his needs. Yet, his ultimate solace was derived from the plumbing prowess his abode possessed.

Months of prudent saving had culminated in Remy procuring the services of esteemed drain repair companies in Melbourne. This prudent investment had endowed his home with the luxury of instant hot water, a delightfully rare indulgence, beyond the grasp of his fellow rat compatriots. The crowning glory was that this resource flowed directly from the human apartment situated below, sparing him the burden of ongoing plumbing expenses – usually, at least.

Upon returning from his lengthy rat-work shift that fateful day, Remy’s ears detected a disconcerting symphony of human screams emanating from below. Swiftly, he nestled his head within the air vent, uncovering the source – a breached pipe causing pandemonium. Apprehension spurred Remy into immediate action; scuttling to his own plumbing network, he inspected for the ramifications of the pressure upheaval. To his dismay, the aged terracotta had yielded, resulting in complete dislodgment. Hastily, Remy summoned aid through his rat phone, connecting with Paul, a rat plumber with expertise, seeking counsel on boundary trap replacement specialists. Melbourne boasted an abundance of these rat-savvy professionals, though their schedules were typically brimming, impeding swift appointments.

During the phone wait, Remy contemplated the need to evacuate his cherished haven. The nature of human plumbers remained an enigma, and the looming risk of inadvertent inundation loomed large. An idea germinated – retreating to the subterranean sewers could safeguard his sanctuary. Swiftly, Remy gathered his cherished belongings, darting down the drain with resolve.

Home Renovation Three

The toll of constant busyness upon me is undeniable. Its pervasive reach has infiltrated every nook of my existence, rendering me almost unrecognisable to myself. The days of unhurried strolls and untroubled afternoons have become a distant memory. Now, I navigate a ceaseless whirlwind of activity, deftly juggling work commitments, errands, and appointments. This relentless cycle exacts a toll on both my physical stamina and mental well-being. Amidst this frenetic symphony, there’s one endeavour I am steadfastly committed to carving out time for—my home renovations. The bathroom has ascended to prominence on my renovation agenda, and I’ve recently engaged a local bathroom renovator based in Melbourne to orchestrate this transformation.

My bustling timetable scarcely afforded me the luxury of conducting meticulous research on the chosen company. Thus, I embarked on this endeavour with a leap of faith, hoping for a fortuitous outcome. Thankfully, the experience unfolded favourably, revealing a team adept in their craft and a paragon of professionalism. Having conveyed my vision to them, I entrusted them to bring it to fruition while I grappled with my ceaseless stream of emails. After all, they are the virtuosos, well-versed in the realm of bathroom design ideas, navigating the intricacies of tiles, grout, showers, sinks, plumbing, and storage solutions. In stark contrast, my own schedule scarcely grants me respite to draw breath.

Despite the relentless cadence of my days, I reserved moments to contribute insights to pivotal facets, such as the play of lighting and the infusion of natural illumination. The objective? A resplendent bathroom design that exudes elegance, primed to leave an indelible impression on prospective buyers when I list my house next year. As much as I yearn to be hands-on, the expanse of my commitments precludes such indulgence. Yet, I place my trust in the bathroom renovators’ expertise to manifest my creative vision. The incremental progress of their work, glimpsed amidst my bustling hours, fills me with eager anticipation.

The denouement, the final manifestation of my bathroom’s metamorphosis into a harmonious blend of aesthetics and utility, awaits. It serves as a welcome respite from the relentless undertow of my frenetic existence—a poignant reminder that my identity extends beyond the realm of ceaseless activity. The mantle of design responsibility assumed by these artisans liberates me to tend to my multifarious duties. Soon, my domicile will proudly boast a resplendent bathroom, poised to captivate and enchant potential buyers—an embodiment of my commitment to elevating my living space.

Homecare Service Two

Lily, who faced a disability, necessitated specialised care that evolved in complexity as she matured. Residing with her family, her parents recognised that her requirements would be best served by a specialist disability accommodation facility capable of furnishing the tailored support she required for a fulfilling life. Undertaking a thorough exploration of possibilities, Lily’s family encountered a disability service provider highly regarded for its commendable services. Initiating contact, they were introduced to Mark, a dedicated support coordinator whose expertise and empathy resonated deeply. Mark’s wealth of experience in support coordination in Adelaide granted him an extensive network to navigate in search of an ideal residential setting for Lily.

A comprehensive evaluation of Lily’s needs and preferences was facilitated by Mark through discussions with her and her family. With this foundation, he embarked on a relentless quest to pinpoint a specialist disability accommodation that aligned impeccably with Lily’s requisites. Engaging with various providers, orchestrating site visits, and meticulously scrutinising the array of available support services, Mark left no stone unturned to ensure Lily’s holistic needs were catered to seamlessly.

After weeks of unwavering dedication, Mark triumphantly secured a group home as Lily’s perfect abode. Manned by adept support staff available round the clock, this residence was finely attuned to delivering personalised care. The design of the home was intrinsically accessible and inclusive, considerate of Lily’s mobility constraints. Lily and her family were elated with this discovery, recognising it as an environment in which she could flourish unimpeded.

Facilitating a seamless transition, Mark facilitated Lily’s shift to her new residence, with the specialised disability accommodation staff extending a warm and nurturing welcome. Here, Lily was enveloped in an environment tailored to her needs, enabling her to embrace life’s opportunities to the fullest. Mark’s steadfast commitment remained unwavering, as he continued to collaborate with Lily and her family, ensuring her ongoing requirements were met comprehensively. This encompassed facilitating access to therapies, overseeing medical appointments, and acting as a dedicated liaison to ensure that Lily’s well-being and development remained paramount.

Timber Supplies Five

My dreams always take me on wild journeys. While some might deem them nightmares, I find them genuinely fascinating. Beyond their enigmatic glimpses into my subconscious, their narratives unfold with a gripping intensity akin to a television series. The distinction lies in its mental stage, an arena under my dominion. Unlike most, who often struggle to recollect their dreams, I am blessed with a vivid memory of each minute detail.


The previous night introduced an unprecedented dream, an anomaly within my nocturnal tapestry. Curiously, I found myself within a hardware store. Bentleigh appeared to be the chosen locale, a perplexing choice given my absence from the actual vicinity. Yet, my dream self traversed the store’s aisles, absorbing the eclectic array of products on display. Amid the assortment of tools, where familiar objects like hammers beckoned recognition, there existed enigmatic devices like a pair of asymmetrical silver metal bars, their form tinged with an elusive menace. Such concerns, however, failed to encroach upon my dream self’s equanimity. His focus remained steadfast on the two ethereal fairies that hovered above the shelves, engaged in rapid discourse—a symphony of words too high-pitched for disentanglement. Were I to articulate their speech, it resembled an intermingling of English and the dulcet ring of a pristine chime, a symphony of pleasant resonance. Both fairies spanned the breadth of my palm, with one bearing a striking resemblance to a renowned fairy, her name momentarily eluding my grasp. You surely recall her—a blonde-maned figure clad in verdant attire.

Intriguingly, the fairies remained oblivious to my presence. The male fairy gestured toward a placard proclaiming the establishment to be the finest electrical supplies store Cheltenham had birthed. The emerald-clad fairy nodded in concurrence, her dainty hand tracing through the air. Suddenly, the pile of timber stationed adjacent to me slipped from its moorings. It ascended towards the ceiling, converging upon the fairies’ ethereal domain before undergoing a wondrous transformation. Piece by piece, the timber dwindled in dimensions, condensing until the entire assemblage, a hundred-strong, nestled comfortably within my wife’s purse. A gasp of astonishment was poised upon my lips, but the realm of dreams subdued it.

Rat Bathroom Renovation

After a strenuous day’s toil, Reginald surrendered to the embrace of his bed, his stomach satiated by the self-crafted cheese and seed biscuits. As evening settled, he recounted the day’s exploits to his wife, who reciprocated with a plethora of her own narratives. Her occupation on the surface endowed her with a plethora of tales, a world largely foreign to Reginald due to the exclusivity of rat approval for venturing there. Stray rats, an uncomfortable subject, hovered unspoken on the fringes of their thoughts.


Sometime into his slumber, Reginald’s repose was abruptly disrupted by a cacophonous clamour originating from an adjacent room. Swiftly, he rose, urging his wife to remain as he embarked on an investigatory mission. The impending bathroom renovation had been scheduled, yet the hour seemed incongruous for the arrival of the bathroom designers. Notwithstanding, the tumult emanated distinctly from the bathroom, compelling Reginald to approach cautiously, cautiously nudging the door ajar.


To his astonishment, a rat not of his invitation occupied the bathroom. The rat’s back was turned, and a hammer wielded erratically caused wanton destruction—sink, shower glass, cabinetry—all fell victim to its unbridled force. Reginald’s sanctuary lay shattered, fragmented debris rendering navigation nigh impossible. A disconcerting twist awaited him as the rat pivoted, revealing itself as Remy, the very rat from the sewer subway, who had intruded upon his haven.


Aghast, Reginald articulated, his voice a crescendo, “What on earth are you doing here?”


Remy’s response carried over the continued cacophony of demolition, the relentless hammering gnawing at the remnants of Reginald’s once-intact sanctuary. “Word reached me that you were poised to engage the services of a formidable competitor, one of the best companies for bathroom renovation Melbourne boasts,” Remy clarified, his hammer arcing in a ceaseless dance of destruction. “I have embarked on this endeavour to exemplify the superiority of my craft.”


Reginald was rendered speechless, a tapestry of disbelief woven into his features. Here stood Remy, who had infiltrated his abode, ruthlessly dismantling it in a testament to his misplaced zeal. The sheer audacity was nothing short of confounding, an inexplicable and unwelcome intrusion that left Reginald grappling with an onslaught of emotions.

Tennis Condition Repair

Being an avid tennis player, it’s not uncommon for me to witness others around me getting injured and having to withdraw from tournaments for several months. This seems to be a side-effect of reaching retirement, as most of my fellow players are over the age of 60. Recently, to my surprise, I too suffered a shoulder injury after reaching retirement. The incident happened while playing tennis, and the pain was so intense that I couldn’t help but gasp. Despite my attempts to mitigate the situation by using heat packs and resting, the condition did not improve. As a result, I decided to visit a shoulder injury specialist. Melbourne offers quite a few options in this regard, and I chose a specialist close to me to avoid further strain on my injured shoulder during the journey.

Once at the specialist’s office, I was greeted by a friendly and professional expert who took me into a room. We discussed my symptoms, including the pain in my upper arm, biceps cramping, and difficulty rotating my shoulder. The specialist was empathetic towards my situation, understanding how frustrating it must have been for me, as tennis is my favourite hobby. After conducting a series of tests, the specialist revealed that I had injured my biceps and would likely require a surgery called biceps tenodesis. Further manipulations of my arm joints confirmed the severity of the tear, and it was clear that the situation was quite serious. Looking ahead, the specialist explained that the recovery process after the surgery would be lengthy and could span several weeks. I would need to wear a sling for an extended period and undergo numerous rounds of physical therapy to rehabilitate my arm. As someone who is passionate about tennis, all I can think about is getting back to the court as soon as possible.

This injury has been a significant setback for me, but I am determined to follow the specialist’s recommendations diligently to regain full function in my shoulder. Patience and commitment will be crucial during this challenging period, and I’m hopeful that with time and proper care, I will be back to doing what I love most – playing tennis.

School Soccer Eyesight

Yesterday evening, after wrapping up my school day, I had my inaugural soccer practice for the year. Soccer has been a passion of mine since the tender age of eight, and now that I’m in high school, the stakes are higher. Being enrolled in a nationally ranked school, I was recruited on a scholarship to join the team, and with that comes significant pressure to excel as their star player. However, to my dismay, the first practice did not go as expected. 

Though I anticipated some rustiness after a period of inactivity, I was not prepared for the complete loss of my soccer skills. It felt as though I could no longer perceive the ball accurately, as it repeatedly eluded my attempts to make contact. I was baffled and disheartened by this sudden decline in my abilities. 

Opening up to my coach about the troubling situation, he suggested I visit a behavioural optometrist near me. According to him, he had witnessed a similar issue with another player before, and it turned out to be related to their visual-motor system. Initially anxious about the implications, my coach assured me that it was a solvable problem. Despite my eagerness to persist with the training session, he wisely advised me to rest and abstain for the time being, to avoid unnecessary stress. 

Upon arriving home, I eagerly shared the troubling episode with my family. Concerned for my well-being and the potential impact on my scholarship, my parents promptly scheduled an appointment at the best optometrist clinic Bayside offers. Even my sister noticed my frequent squinting while reading, though I brushed it off as manageable. Despite my reassurances, they were determined to address the issue and ensure my future on the soccer field remains bright.

While I am grateful for their care and concern, I can’t help but feel a sense of urgency to reclaim my soccer prowess. The scholarship and my passion for the sport hang in the balance, making it essential to find a solution promptly. I trust the optometrist’s expertise will shed light on the matter and guide me towards regaining my confidence and performance on the soccer field.

Pool table present






My boyfriend is a total fanatic when it comes to playing pool. He’s been playing pool ever since he was a teenager. His parents had a pool table at home so it became extremely easy for him to practise and get really good at his game. Over the years he has frequently visited pool halls and bars that have a pool table. I’ve never understood his enthusiasm for the game. I’ve always found the game to be rather boring. That’s probably because I’m not good at it, but I’m not good at it because I have zero desire to ever become good at it. 

My boyfriend and I moved house two months ago and he’s regularly tried to make me drive an hour away to join him for a game of pool. This became a source of contention for us. I had no interest in participating, and he’d become frustrated that I didn’t want to play to keep him happy. I had tried to give it a go a few times, but eventually enough was enough. I refused to drive one hour each night to play a game I hate and then spend an hour driving back. Sadly, my boyfriend and I got into a huge fight over this. I can tell he’s feeling quite sad that he can’t play pool. Luckily, I’ve found the perfect solution.

I decided to buy a pool table online. To my surprise, there were heaps for sale. Now I’m just playing the waiting game until it arrives. I haven’t told him about this purchase. I want it to be waiting for him at home so he can unexpectedly see it when he walks through the door. I’ve already sussed out the perfect place to put it.  

Since he let me buy home fitness equipment for a home gym, I figured this was the least I could do. He’ll have his pool table, I’ll have my home gym, and together we can both live happily lives pursuing our hobbies. If I’m super lucky, I’ll never have to play another game of pool again!