Disability Support

Homecare Service Two

Lily, who faced a disability, necessitated specialised care that evolved in complexity as she matured. Residing with her family, her parents recognised that her requirements would be best served by a specialist disability accommodation facility capable of furnishing the tailored support she required for a fulfilling life. Undertaking a thorough exploration of possibilities, Lily’s family encountered a disability service provider highly regarded for its commendable services. Initiating contact, they were introduced to Mark, a dedicated support coordinator whose expertise and empathy resonated deeply. Mark’s wealth of experience in support coordination in Adelaide granted him an extensive network to navigate in search of an ideal residential setting for Lily.

A comprehensive evaluation of Lily’s needs and preferences was facilitated by Mark through discussions with her and her family. With this foundation, he embarked on a relentless quest to pinpoint a specialist disability accommodation that aligned impeccably with Lily’s requisites. Engaging with various providers, orchestrating site visits, and meticulously scrutinising the array of available support services, Mark left no stone unturned to ensure Lily’s holistic needs were catered to seamlessly.

After weeks of unwavering dedication, Mark triumphantly secured a group home as Lily’s perfect abode. Manned by adept support staff available round the clock, this residence was finely attuned to delivering personalised care. The design of the home was intrinsically accessible and inclusive, considerate of Lily’s mobility constraints. Lily and her family were elated with this discovery, recognising it as an environment in which she could flourish unimpeded.

Facilitating a seamless transition, Mark facilitated Lily’s shift to her new residence, with the specialised disability accommodation staff extending a warm and nurturing welcome. Here, Lily was enveloped in an environment tailored to her needs, enabling her to embrace life’s opportunities to the fullest. Mark’s steadfast commitment remained unwavering, as he continued to collaborate with Lily and her family, ensuring her ongoing requirements were met comprehensively. This encompassed facilitating access to therapies, overseeing medical appointments, and acting as a dedicated liaison to ensure that Lily’s well-being and development remained paramount.

Looking After My Love

I’ve been watching over my Joan for one year and one day now. I’ve been watching her struggle with my departure and it has really saddened me. I love her more than anything and watching her be in pain is the worst feeling in the world. When you love someone, you don’t want them to be sad. Even though I’m not around anymore, I am always with her. I’m the breeze in the air. I’m the thought that dings in her mind reminding her to turn the oven off. I’m the warm energy that surrounds her when she sleeps. I just love her more than anything and I will never truly leave her. 

I am the reason our children had the idea to get Joan into SDA housing in the Adelaide CBD. I watch over my kids every day too, although they don’t need as much attention as Joan does. That’s why I made sure my children thought of getting Joan some company and proper attention from nurses. She needed help, even if she didn’t realise it. 

I’ll admit, I am so much happier watching over her now that she is happy. She’s made some incredible friends and I know that they’re going to look out for her. She doesn’t realise that I watch over her every day, so I think she will feel more secure knowing that there are people out there who are physically there for her. 

My favourite people at the specialist disability accommodation are the nurses. They seem to live and breathe the ideals of professional community nursing. It makes me so happy to watch how well they look out for her. Everything they do is with the residents in mind. The way they care for my Joan mimics how I used to care for her. It makes me very happy.

I love Joan more than anything. I miss her every day and I can’t wait until I can hold her in my arms again.