Drain Plumber Six

Following a day dedicated to the distribution of cheese to the rodent populace of Melbourne, Remy eventually found his way back to his abode. Nestled within the walls of an apartment in close proximity to the bustling city, he took immense pride in the impeccable outfitting of his diminutive domicile. A fervent environmentalist, Remy had orchestrated the entire space from entirely repurposed elements – kitchen drawers lovingly crafted from matchboxes, beds that cradled him with feathers, and tables, once pizza boxes, now serving his needs. Yet, his ultimate solace was derived from the plumbing prowess his abode possessed.

Months of prudent saving had culminated in Remy procuring the services of esteemed drain repair companies in Melbourne. This prudent investment had endowed his home with the luxury of instant hot water, a delightfully rare indulgence, beyond the grasp of his fellow rat compatriots. The crowning glory was that this resource flowed directly from the human apartment situated below, sparing him the burden of ongoing plumbing expenses – usually, at least.

Upon returning from his lengthy rat-work shift that fateful day, Remy’s ears detected a disconcerting symphony of human screams emanating from below. Swiftly, he nestled his head within the air vent, uncovering the source – a breached pipe causing pandemonium. Apprehension spurred Remy into immediate action; scuttling to his own plumbing network, he inspected for the ramifications of the pressure upheaval. To his dismay, the aged terracotta had yielded, resulting in complete dislodgment. Hastily, Remy summoned aid through his rat phone, connecting with Paul, a rat plumber with expertise, seeking counsel on boundary trap replacement specialists. Melbourne boasted an abundance of these rat-savvy professionals, though their schedules were typically brimming, impeding swift appointments.

During the phone wait, Remy contemplated the need to evacuate his cherished haven. The nature of human plumbers remained an enigma, and the looming risk of inadvertent inundation loomed large. An idea germinated – retreating to the subterranean sewers could safeguard his sanctuary. Swiftly, Remy gathered his cherished belongings, darting down the drain with resolve.