School Soccer Eyesight

Yesterday evening, after wrapping up my school day, I had my inaugural soccer practice for the year. Soccer has been a passion of mine since the tender age of eight, and now that I’m in high school, the stakes are higher. Being enrolled in a nationally ranked school, I was recruited on a scholarship to join the team, and with that comes significant pressure to excel as their star player. However, to my dismay, the first practice did not go as expected. 

Though I anticipated some rustiness after a period of inactivity, I was not prepared for the complete loss of my soccer skills. It felt as though I could no longer perceive the ball accurately, as it repeatedly eluded my attempts to make contact. I was baffled and disheartened by this sudden decline in my abilities. 

Opening up to my coach about the troubling situation, he suggested I visit a behavioural optometrist near me. According to him, he had witnessed a similar issue with another player before, and it turned out to be related to their visual-motor system. Initially anxious about the implications, my coach assured me that it was a solvable problem. Despite my eagerness to persist with the training session, he wisely advised me to rest and abstain for the time being, to avoid unnecessary stress. 

Upon arriving home, I eagerly shared the troubling episode with my family. Concerned for my well-being and the potential impact on my scholarship, my parents promptly scheduled an appointment at the best optometrist clinic Bayside offers. Even my sister noticed my frequent squinting while reading, though I brushed it off as manageable. Despite my reassurances, they were determined to address the issue and ensure my future on the soccer field remains bright.

While I am grateful for their care and concern, I can’t help but feel a sense of urgency to reclaim my soccer prowess. The scholarship and my passion for the sport hang in the balance, making it essential to find a solution promptly. I trust the optometrist’s expertise will shed light on the matter and guide me towards regaining my confidence and performance on the soccer field.