Rat Bathroom Renovation

After a strenuous day’s toil, Reginald surrendered to the embrace of his bed, his stomach satiated by the self-crafted cheese and seed biscuits. As evening settled, he recounted the day’s exploits to his wife, who reciprocated with a plethora of her own narratives. Her occupation on the surface endowed her with a plethora of tales, a world largely foreign to Reginald due to the exclusivity of rat approval for venturing there. Stray rats, an uncomfortable subject, hovered unspoken on the fringes of their thoughts.


Sometime into his slumber, Reginald’s repose was abruptly disrupted by a cacophonous clamour originating from an adjacent room. Swiftly, he rose, urging his wife to remain as he embarked on an investigatory mission. The impending bathroom renovation had been scheduled, yet the hour seemed incongruous for the arrival of the bathroom designers. Notwithstanding, the tumult emanated distinctly from the bathroom, compelling Reginald to approach cautiously, cautiously nudging the door ajar.


To his astonishment, a rat not of his invitation occupied the bathroom. The rat’s back was turned, and a hammer wielded erratically caused wanton destruction—sink, shower glass, cabinetry—all fell victim to its unbridled force. Reginald’s sanctuary lay shattered, fragmented debris rendering navigation nigh impossible. A disconcerting twist awaited him as the rat pivoted, revealing itself as Remy, the very rat from the sewer subway, who had intruded upon his haven.


Aghast, Reginald articulated, his voice a crescendo, “What on earth are you doing here?”


Remy’s response carried over the continued cacophony of demolition, the relentless hammering gnawing at the remnants of Reginald’s once-intact sanctuary. “Word reached me that you were poised to engage the services of a formidable competitor, one of the best companies for bathroom renovation Melbourne boasts,” Remy clarified, his hammer arcing in a ceaseless dance of destruction. “I have embarked on this endeavour to exemplify the superiority of my craft.”


Reginald was rendered speechless, a tapestry of disbelief woven into his features. Here stood Remy, who had infiltrated his abode, ruthlessly dismantling it in a testament to his misplaced zeal. The sheer audacity was nothing short of confounding, an inexplicable and unwelcome intrusion that left Reginald grappling with an onslaught of emotions.