Caring Friend

I love my friend so much. I am going through the worst period of my life right now and my friend has been there for me the entire way. From the moment my dad went to the hospital to the moment I told her the date of his funeral, she has been there checking up on me and doing her best to make sure that I’m okay. It means the world to me, truly. 

You should have seen the beautiful unicorn wall art she had installed in my room. I was out at the time organising and packing up my dad’s apartment and when I came home and my bedroom was covered in beautiful unicorns. She wanted to make me feel happy and give me a distraction even just for a second and it worked. For a moment I completely forgot what it was like to be in immense pain because my dad died. It was only an extremely brief moment but that reprieve was incredible even if just for a second.

I want to do something to repay my friend. I don’t have much energy at the moment to do anything, but when I do I want to show her how grateful I am for everything she has done for me. I’m going to need her support for a very long time and I want her to know that I appreciate everything she has done for me. Maybe I’ll talk to the same person who did my unicorn wallpaper. In the Melbourne area, there are plenty of wallpaper designers around, but this person did such a good job that I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. 

Even though I’m in the very early stages of mourning and I can’t really comprehend what is happening or how the rest of my life will be now, I do still appreciate the people around me. Without my friend, I wouldn’t even be able to write this message today.