He’s Moving In

This month, my uncle is going to be moving in with my family. He’s been in hospital for a little while after his accident and we haven’t been able to see him due to that crazy worldwide event that’s been happening recently. When the hospital called us to explain he was going to be discharged soon, my wife had the phone on loudspeaker. The whole family had been listening in and we all started whooping and cheering. Everybody loves my uncle, so when he needed a place to stay after being discharged, the thought of not letting him live with us didn’t even cross my mind.

Right now, I’m researching a number of bathroom design ideas Melbourne companies have put online for inspiration. They’ve got some brilliant photos and it’s made my wife really excited, but I’m not sure if we’ll be able to complete our bathroom renovation like the pictures – unless we hire a proper company for it. And I imagine that will cost a lot. See, the reason we’re renovating our bathroom right now is because my uncle is disabled. I naively didn’t realise we would need to update our home to make it accessible for him, but it seems quite obvious and important now. In particular, we have to create a disabled bathroom layout to make it easier for him to shower and go to the toilet.

Luckily, our house is only one storey so we won’t have to completely remodel our home. Based on my research, we’ll have to do things like put new railings on the walls and install different kinds of cabinets and benches that are easier for him to navigate. We also have to ensure the bathroom itself is actually big enough for his wheelchair. I don’t mind doing these things at all, and my wife and children are more than happy to suffer a little temporary inconvenience during renovations for the sake of my uncle. I just can’t wait for him to move in with us!