Hypothetic Mechanic Delay

I read that random person’s blog from Brighton this morning. It truly makes me feel so lucky to live in Hobart. We’ve hardly been touched by the deadly disease spreading across the world. Thank goodness, because if it had properly come to Hobart I’d be too scared to leave the house, let alone chat to the mechanic. Local to Hobart it’s not uncommon for people to have car troubles, and I’m no exception. I’d let my car go, that’s for sure.

That’s part of what makes this deadly disease so scary, other than the death thing. It is stopping life as we know it because people are too afraid to do things, which then causes more death. For example, if I decided to stop getting my car serviced and let my car go as I said, then I’d be opening myself up to my car breaking down, or worse when I was driving. This could lead to anything, which is terrifying. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if people all over Hobart stopped going to get a car service. In the Hobart area, we rely on our cars so much because of minimal public transportation. If we stopped getting services then we’d have cars breaking down left right and centre, which would cause accidents which would then cause deaths.

I know I’ve been harping on about this point for this entire blog post, but it’s just because it really scares me. I seriously thank my lucky stars every day that Hobart is such a remote city on a small Australian island. Otherwise, things could have been so scary. 

Anyway, I guess I just have to let my anxieties go. Talking and thinking about them as much as I do is not good for me. I swear it never ever gets mentioned in Hobart anymore. Everyone is just going on with their lives and I know that I should do the same.