Lovely Traditional Tattoo

I just wanted to follow up on the blog that I wrote about skincare and tattoos. A lot of you wrote in and said that similar things happened to you. I found that so interesting! I thought it was just something that happened to me, but apparently, if you feel good about yourself and take more pride in your appearance then you’re more likely to consult a traditional tattooist than a regular person. How interesting!

Some of you wrote in saying that your experience was the same but not with skincare. There was a whole variety of things that made you feel confident enough to get a tattoo. Some examples of them, for those of you who are curious, were new relationships, new jobs, achieving milestones in your life, going travelling and more. From what I gathered, anything that made people feel good about themselves was enough to inspire them to get their first tattoo. For so many of you, skincare was the confidence boost you needed to learn to express yourself through tattoos. Psychologists should do some sort of study on this phenomenon. 

I’d love for you guys to submit pictures of your tattoos to my inbox. It would be awesome to also get some feedback on the tattoo shop local to Brisbane that you went to because I’m always on the lookout for another place where I can get a tattoo. My whole body is a canvas at this point and I’m not married to anyone particular tattoo parlour. 

I just want to look as good on the outside as I feel on the inside, thanks to my beautifully soft skin that glows when you look at it. Looking good and feeling good is one of the most important parts of being in your mid-twenties. I’m never going to be this young again and so I want to make the most of it whilst I can.