Best Office In Melbourne

Well, my office space looks absolutely fantastic. It’s crisp, sheek and very 2021. It has an expansive kitchen, multiple break out rooms and big collaborative spaces. It is the type of office that three years ago, people would’ve killed to work in. It just makes you feel cool to be there, especially seeing as there’s multiple recreation areas where employees can hang out or play games. It is probably the best commercial office design in the Melbourne CBD, and that’s not even me being biased.

Unfortunately, however, the incredible design hasn’t been enough to encourage my employees to come back to the office. Of the fifty emails that I sent out, only twelve of them said they’d be happy to come back to the office full time. That’s not enough to justify paying all my overheads. I’m in business to make a profit, not a loss. If I keep my office open for just twelve people, I would be making a bad business decision.

Fortunately, getting all these upgrades done to my office will help skyrocket the resale value of the space. I knew that when I decided to upgrade my space, it would be a win-win. Either the office fitouts in the Melbourne office would lure my employees back in, or they would make the space easier to sell if I decided to. I didn’t want to have to sell my office, but at least I’m going to make a lot of money for it.

I’m going to start listing all the features, fitouts and accessories of my office space on job ads so that I can sell my office. I’ll let my employees know that we’re going fully remote as of January 2022 and let them mentally prepare for that. I know that most of them will be happy with that, but for some, it will be a huge blow. Especially seeing as we have so many cool office features now.