Quality Bathtub Converters

The bathtub converters are coming to my house today to make alterations to my bathtub! I’m very excited. Once I make these necessary changes to my bathroom, I’ll begin the smooth transition from aging-man-fighting-death to aging-man-accepting-his-fate. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

After a couple of months of research, I decided that the best bathroom converters for me would be the ones who did easy step bathtub conversions as their main service. I didn’t want to go to a renovation company that just did bathtub conversions as a side hustle when needed. I wanted this company to focus completely on one thing. That way I could rest assured that there would be no compromises on quality or expertise. If you couldn’t already tell from my last articles, I make the decisions I take very seriously. Anyway, I’ll let you know my thoughts once the bathtub conversions are complete.

Wow! I absolutely love it. The way they’ve done it is so sleek and makes it really look like an accessory, rather than an afterthought. I’ve always prided myself on living in a space that is cool and high class, and the bathtub converters really achieved that with their quality bath modifications. Sydney apartments in the CBD are new and designed to reflect the ‘cool’ vibe of the city centre. I like living here because it makes me feel young, which was really important to me when I was struggling with my age and the idea of getting older. 

I am looking forward to beginning the next stage of my life. I feel like I’ve said that fifteen times over these last few blog posts, but it really is true. This feels like a symbolic stepping stone to the future me and living life safely and to the fullest. I hope that when my friends and family see the bath modifications, they decide to move in the same direction. It will be good for them.