Video Production

Recorded for Posterity

‘Tell me you caught that,’ Dan groaned from the bottom of the stairs. He could faintly hear his skateboard rolling away from him, but he needed the air to start cooperating with his lungs again before he could chase it down.

‘We got it man!’ Alex chuckled, skipping down the steps to show him the camcorder. ‘We got it all!’

Dan propped himself up on his shoulders to look up into the lens. ‘You’re still filming?!’ he groaned, shoving the camera out of his face.

‘Mate, after that fall I don’t think I’m ever gonna stop filming you again!’

Dan tried to fake-laugh, but his ribs protested — apparently unaware that the lungs had already refused.

‘I wonder what we could use this for?’ Alex mused out loud, playing back the footage.

‘Aren’t we just chucking it up online like we always do?’

‘Think bigger, Dan! This could go viral! And then what? We just go on with our lives? What if..’ Alex got a glint in his eye. ‘What if this is the start of something? What if we send it to a marketing video production company to really make the video shine?’

Dan was starting to get convinced. ‘Going viral would be awesome! Maybe one day that could turn us into an animation!’ ‘Exactly! I’m so surprised you’re on board!’

Dan looked hurt. ‘I thought we were friends Alex. I thought you knew it was my dream to go viral with the help of the best corporate video production company in Melbourne.’

Alex teared up. ‘I’m sorry man. I had no idea.’

‘It’s okay,’ Dan said, welling up too. ‘I should be more open with my feelings.’

The two boys embraced.

The projector flicked off, and the lights were turned back on. Daniel and Alexander, in slick suits from their newfound fame, strode to the front of the table.

‘And that,’ Daniel said, gesturing with his thumb, ‘is why you can trust us with your business.’

The boardroom burst into spontaneous applause, as the two men hugged.

The Animation Messaging

I can’t believe I get access to all this top-secret information, all because I work near a video production company. I mean, what are the chances? It’s pretty cool, really, even if Melbourne (and now all of Australia) has been taken over by Mechanist Rising. It certainly helps that I can warn my family about incoming laws and restrictions put in place by the Mechanists – thanks to being in close proximity to the video production agency with all the inside knowledge.

I know I said that I was going to stay out of this and just put my head down, hoping to save myself. However, I can’t quite help but feel that I could be doing more. Things are really bad out there. The Conclave is gaining more power by the day. Their goals of world domination don’t even seem that unrealistic anymore. I just wish there was something I could be doing, but I don’t work at the video production company. Melbourne residents are terrified of Mechanist Rising. And honestly, they have no idea what is coming next. If they’re terrified now, I hate to think what the reaction will be to the video I’ve heard is currently in the works.

I’ve been posting these blogs (as well as a video transcript) to random websites on the internet, in the hopes that somebody will see them, but they don’t seem to be gaining traction. Maybe it’s for the best because honestly, I’m pretty scared too. I don’t think toeing the line is going to cut it anymore. These guys are really serious. I can’t keep hearing what the video production business near Melbourne is doing anymore. 

I think it’s time that the video production agency starts putting some hidden messages in these animations. Maybe they can rally people, encourage them to stand up to these new oppressors. And as long as they cover their tracks right, they won’t get caught. 

– Mr Chowski