Cosmo’s Conveyancing Search

Cosmo would search everywhere in Melbourne to find the conveyancing firm which had just acknowledged his kind deed. Unfortunately, although it had only happened mere moments earlier, he could not remember the name of the suburb they operated in with their conveyancing services. With no working phone and no information to go off, he’d just have to try every conveyancing firm in Melbourne.

First, Cosmo decided that he would search for some conveyancing lawyers near Mentone, because he was pretty sure that was the suburb mentioned. As Cosmo the kobold walked the lonely streets of Melbourne’s suburbia, he considered how without money to make his tribe proud, he would never get to see his beloved children again. He had to do this for them, so that they could be proud that their father was a nice man. He was desperate – so desperate. And as he searched for conveyancing lawyers in Mentone, he got a sneaking suspicion that the man on the phone had instead mentioned something about conveyancing firms in the Collingwood area. Hanging his head, Cosmo began the trek toward Collingwood.

Evidently, the conveyancing firm had seen something kind within Cosmo. This was his big chance to change his life – to change the world. The truth was that he knew he’d been meant for more than sign spinning. Perhaps that was why he continually ate the boss’ lunch, expecting to get fired every day until it happened. Perhaps that was why he blew all the money he earned. Now he was free from the expectations on him to work hard in a minimum-wage job and bring the money back to his tribe. He would be one of the most positive people to walk into the conveyancing firm and find new meaning in life. This was a fresh start.

And so, with refound determination, Cosmo made his way to Richmond, sure that he would find the perfect conveyancing firm for him there.