Friendly Tattoo Designs

My friend really wants to get a tattoo. We’ve been friends for ages – our whole adult lives, in fact, which means we’ve been through a lot of each other’s decisions. Yes, all of them, including both the good and the bad decisions. I can’t help but feel like my friend’s longing to get a tattoo is actually a pretty good decision. He’s wanted one for a while and has already done a lot of research to find a number of designs he likes. Next, he wants to find a local tattooist in the Brisbane CBD  in order to discuss his ideas with an expert. I’ve already given my friend some advice, and he’s listened because he respects my opinion. He specifically wants a tribal tattoo, which is something you do have to go to a specialised artist for if you want it done properly. It includes swirling lines and patterns, but is quite a strong and masculine design overall due to its origins in tribal art. At first I wasn’t sure if he should get such a design, since my friend himself has no heritage in that area, but after doing research with an actual tribal tattooist, it is seen as alright with some people so long as you show the proper respect. That’s why he’s going to a tattoo artist who specialises in tribal tattoos. We have been searching online for artists who fit this description, and thanks to the wonderful wonders of the internet, they have been quite easy to find. Some of them have put beautiful pictures of their designs on their social media in order to get new customers and build a following for their art. I also spent some time looking at reviews to ensure the tattoo studio is hygienic and clean, but especially that the artists themselves are encouraging and friendly professionals. I know that tattoos can be kind of painful to get done, even though I have none of them myself. Apparently, the way that artists treat you can make a big difference, so I want to find the best for my friend.