Plumbers and Pumpkins

After spending the week cooped up in my house, my husband suggested I go for a walk outside. Exercise? No thanks, I told him. I wasn’t lacking any vitamins, and I did not want to work up a sweat.

In the end, my husband dragged me outside and taught me how to garden. Although I had a general understanding of how to plant and maintain a vegetable patch, I was never properly taught as a child, so I was glad to have his guidance.

I was digging for a place to plant my pumpkin seeds when my shovel hit a pipe. I could see it was in awful shape: the pipe was filled with debris, and the root system of a nearby tree had grown into it, obstructing its natural route. Turning to my husband, I asked if he knew of any drain repair companies near Melbourne that we could pay to unblock the pipe. Who knew what other effects this could be having on our home’s drainage system!

My husband appeared unconcerned and replied that he would take a look at the drain next weekend. I laughed – surely we should leave that job to a qualified plumber? Someone who had experience with domestic properties, and who had all the proper excavation and clearing equipment?

Finally, my husband acquiesced. He said there were a number of drainage contractors offering service in Melbourne and that all I had to do was find them. However, he promised that getting our drain repaired was not a pressing matter, and that I should enjoy the sunshine and leave the worrying until next week. After all, many of the companies had a two-hour response time, so it would be pretty easy to call someone out if the issue worsened in the coming days.

My husband may not have been a plumber, but he was quite the handyman around the house, so I trusted his judgement. We spent the rest of the day on our vegetable patch. I’m looking forward to trying my pumpkins in a few months!