Property Purchase Interviews

Hello and welcome to this wonderful exploration of all things property purchasing in Melbourne. This project came about after we interviewed two young adults about their greatest concerns as they adapt to this new stage of their life. The overwhelming response (from 100% of respondents) was that they don’t know enough about buying property. What does the process entail? What pitfalls need to be avoided? So, we decided to make a series exploring the house buying process, interviewing nine individuals about this exciting journey. Shall we get started? I say we shall.

Tim: Buying a house doesn’t happen overnight. For me it was a long process of deciding where I wanted to live, finding the perfect house, and then getting a conveyancing firm local to Richmond to help me finalise the legal side of my purchase. My advice would be to take it slow and be patient. The perfect house for you will come up eventually. Like a snake in the grass, you just have to pounce and take it before someone else does. Snakes pounce, right? Oh well, you get my point.

Riley: Honestly, I thought I’d never be buying a house. The market is kind of messed up at the moment. But after years of hard work and one 95-leg multi that I lucked out on, here I am preparing to own my dream home. As I type this from the office of a recommended conveyancer in Brighton, I can’t quite believe it. How lucky am I? Very lucky. Is there any hope of you other gen z kids ever owning a house? Probably not.

Bentleigh: Conveyancing lawyers are pretty easy to find in my area, so I made the mistake of going straight to them in the house buying process. It turns out that conveyancers should not be your first port of call. You only need conveyancers once you actually have a house you want to buy! Let that be a lesson to all you young ones out there. The first place you should go to is actually a real estate agency. That’s where all the houses are at!