Another road bump

You know how there are all these metaphors that can mean different things in life? For example; left up the creek without a paddle, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush… the list goes on. One that I particularly like is ‘another bump in the road’. It’s so obvious and clear as to what it means. There’s no guessing or wondering what it’s referring to. We’ve all experienced a bump in the road in some way. Some have experienced more and much bigger bumps than others. Then there are also other instances where the bumps we experience are a lot more literal, like the one I experienced the other day. I was driving along the coast, coming home from a week in South Australia. At some point on this drive, I ran over a very definite bump on the road. I’m at a bit of a loss as to what this bump may have been, but I could definitely feel it. For the rest of the drive, I could feel my car buckling. This was just one of many signs my car needs a tyre service. I’m just glad that this happened not too far out of the city and that I was nearly home. Had this happened while I was closer to the South Australian border, or somewhere in the middle, I’d be a bit concerned. The last thing anyone wants is a flat tyre or a breakdown in the middle of nowhere.

I’ve arranged for next Wednesday to be the day that I take my car to the mechanic. Brunswick station is right next to my house so I am not overly concerned about not having my car. I don’t really have many excuses to leave my area most days anyway as I work from home, and whenever I go out I tend to go out in Fitzroy. Besides, no one drives to a night out. That’s why rideshare services were invented!