A flower addict

I think it’s time that I come to terms with my addiction. It’s a weird feeling, realising you’re an addict. It’s an even stranger feeling admitting you’re an addict. That’s why I’ve turned to this blog. Right everyone, I am going to finally come out and say. I’ve got an addiction… to flowers! I love flowers so much. I love how they smell, how they look, and how they grow when you care for them. Whenever I’m looking for new flowers to plant I tend to buy flower seeds online as I find websites have a lot more variety in terms of flower selections. Plus, I don’t really have to make a huge event out of finding a florist that has the seeds I want.

The only downside to my flower addiction is that I have terrible hay fever. My hay fever is triggered by grass and plants, so whenever I spend lots of time in my garden I just know I’ll be in for a day of itchy eyes and sneezing. The allergies may wear me out, but I refuse to let them get in the way of working in my garden. My latest addition to my flowering garden bed was some miniature roses. I wasn’t sure when the best month to plant miniature roses in Australia was, so I ended up letting my excitement get the best of me and started planting them anyway. I’m glad I did because now I have these beautiful miniature roses to admire every morning when I have my first cup of coffee for the day.

My mum is also a bit of a garden fanatic, sometimes I’ll go over to her house just to help out with the gardening. It’s always a lovely time. We plant seeds, we pull weeds, we talk and we water the plants. It’s a really great bonding activity, plus it keeps us active and in the sun for that healthy dose of vitamin D.