Remy’s Prized Bathroom

Remy was furious. After Ruby resigned and Paul the plumber refused to help him, he decided he didn’t need friends. All his friends had abandoned him in his hour of need; they didn’t deserve him, and they certainly didn’t deserve his artisan cheese collection. Since Remy’s prized bathroom was destroyed in the accident last night, he’d been living in the darkest part of the sewers. It was pitch black and the air was freezing cold, so he didn’t manage to get any sleep. Instead, he sat awake, silently stewing and formulating his revenge plan.  He would find the best bathroom designers Melbourne had to offer, and he would create a bathroom that would be the envy of everybody in the sewers – even the king.

He had a few ideas to start. While Remy’s bathroom did have working plumbing, it was quite small. His tiling was expertly completed, but it was old and outdated after half a decade of use. Remy had built the bathroom when he could barely afford materials – now, his delivery business had taken off, and he was one of the richest rats in the city. He could afford to splurge a bit. Maybe solid gold fixtures. Maybe a solid gold mirror. Maybe the whole bathroom, including the showers and sink and storage, could be solid gold? Yes, then it would be luxurious enough to invite rat royalty over. First, Remy would have to find some sort of company offering leaking shower repair services, as he didn’t know how to do that himself, and he wouldn’t be able to start his full bathroom renovation until his bathroom stopped flooding. Hopefully, the humans living next door had already called their own plumber, as Remy’s plumbing depended directly on the human apartment’s water supply. Just siphon off a little bit here and there, and they never know the difference. It was a smart idea. Of course it was – Remy had thought of it himself.