Buying Myself Flowers

Every year that Valentine’s Day rolls around, I wonder to myself whether or not my boyfriend is going to plan anything or make me feel special in any sort of way. Every year I hope he will, but I’ve got to admit that I don’t really expect much from him anymore. He doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to Valentine’s Day. In fact, Valentine’s Day has been notoriously difficult for us over the last four years. It’s quite disappointing, really.

I just want him to organise a cute date and maybe surprise me with a Valentine’s Day flower delivery of some sort. Is that too much to ask? I wouldn’t think so but our track record makes me think otherwise. And yet, every year I get my hopes up about Valentine’s Day and I just wish that I could feel as special as the girls do in the movies each time Valentine’s Day is the theme or genre or whatever you call it.

Despite my boyfriend not being very good at Valentine’s Day, he is quite good in general. He makes me happy and he’s a very nice person to be around. The only issue is that he’s not really around that much. I hope that changes because it’s quite sad for me otherwise. I just want to see him put in some sort of effort to show me that I’m his girlfriend, not just some girl he hangs out with for the convenience of it. I don’t know if that’s too much to ask but if it is, I’m in strife. 

If my boyfriend doesn’t buy me flowers for Valentine’s Day, I’m going to buy my own Valentine’s day flowers. Mount Waverley has a really cute and bespoke florist that I will be able to visit on my way home from work. I’ll buy myself the biggest bunch of roses I’ve ever seen and I’ll smile knowing that no matter what, I love myself and I’m happy.