Which Suggested Architect 

‘So, Max,’ I glared over the top of my orange juice glass. ‘Have you heard my daughter’s plans?’

‘Her plans?’ he asked me, enthusiastically tucking into a croissant with a knife and fork, too unaware to feel the roiling tendrils of rage seeping off of my body towards him.

‘The house she intends to build,’ I nodded. ‘Alone.’

‘Woah,’ he nodded, grinning widely like a dog. ‘That’s awesome, babe. Super chuffed!’

My daughter smiled at him as she came back out onto the patio, and shot me a suspicious look.

‘That didn’t take you long,’ she said, cocking her head.

‘It was an innocent question,’ I said, only thinly trying to hide my intentions.

‘Right,’ she nodded with a smirk. ‘Maxy, baby, you want to help me pick out one of the best architects operating in Melbourne to build my dream home?’

‘Hell yeah,’ he mumbled around a large bite of pastry. ‘Sounds like a date!’

‘You know,’ I said quickly, ‘I used to know a lot of people in the architecture game, back in in the day.’

‘Woah, no kidding,’ Max nodded, wide-eyed and completely enraptured.

‘I kid you not,’ I said, smiling thinly at him. ‘Point is, I might be able to introduce you to some people.’

‘Let me guess,’ my daughter said with a sigh, dropping into the seat next to Max and opposite me. ‘These were corporate-type guys, yeah?’

‘Well, I suppose they could be—’

‘So,’ she cut me off, ‘they probably only work for commercial architecture firms, right?’

‘I guess I couldn’t say where they are or aren’t—’

‘So they wouldn’t be the best bet for me,’ she continued, pressing a hand to her chest, ‘a residential owner who needs an architecture firm who is familiar with the wide range of residential-specific guidelines, laws and regulations, no?’

‘I guess not,’ I grumbled, sipping my juice. ‘Point is, I know some guys, okay?’

‘Noted,’ she said, with an icy grin.