Principal’s Modern Design

I’ve recently been employed as the principal of a very expensive private school in Victoria. The job is a dream come true; after years of low-paying teaching positions and moving up through the ranks, this has always been my goal. So far, I’m having a brilliant time. The campus is beautiful, and the students are not only well-behaved, but actually seem eager to learn. What surprised me the most is just how many resources are put into the buildings and architecture here. It looks great for prospective parents on open days, but do the students really care? Custom desks, custom whiteboards, custom bathrooms. It’s crazy. But I also know how lucky I am. Hundreds of educators would do anything for even an assistant position at this school, and I have the top job. Even some of Britain’s royals have been educated here. 

It’s been one week since I moved into my new principal’s office. So far, I’ve introduced myself at the assembly and signed a lot of things. Apparently, they’re hoping my presence will reinvigorate the school, which means I also get a lot of power when it comes to new building projects. The first major task I’ve been given is to create a list of the best bathroom design companies Melbourne has to offer, speak to them all, and employ the best ones. One of the school’s oldest buildings has been around since the fifties, so it’s definitely time for a bit of a facelift in the bathroom. It’s so much more complex than renovating a bathroom at home, but luckily there are dozens of resources to help me out. I have to think about things like cost and the budget I’ve been given, as well as preparation and demolition requirements so the students’ learning isn’t unnecessarily impacted. Then, it’s onto the actual style and layout, which includes things like fixtures and basins. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m determined to prove myself.