The Solar Situation

They stormed down the corridor, looking for any way to get into the basement lab mentioned by the two men Maphira had eavesdropped on in the break room. Vai checked everything on the left, while Maphira checked the right. Eventually, they came across a door with a bright sign above it. 

Secret Project: Solar Product Solutions.

That had to be it. Maphira tried the door, shocked to find that it wasn’t locked. No code needed, nor key. They made this way too easy. She waved Vai through first, then pulled the door closed gently behind her.

The grey walls made the new hallway seem even smaller than it actually was, but Maphira shoved away her mild claustrophobia and followed Vai. Eventually, they came to another door, this one with a clear speaker system. Another verbal password.

“Try something to do with 300KW solar systems,” Maphira suggested. “Or maybe something about government rebates. Either way, it has to be something about solar power.”

Vai stroked her chin, deep in thought for a moment. “How do I get solar energy information?” she said, and the door slid upwards, revealing the expansive lab beyond.

The only light came from screens and devices emitting green, giving the space a sickly look. Dozens of researchers and scientists moved about or sat at desks. 

When the awe faded, Maphira placed a hand on Vai’s shoulder. “How did you get the password right on the first try?”

“Overheard some idiots say it in the break room. Just had to remember what it was. These guys have really got to increase their security.”

“No kidding. Alright, let’s split up and see what we can find.”

Fifteen minutes later, Maphira had her USB in one of the computers, transferring a large PDF titled: Plan to Take Over the World and Other Nefarious Schemes. She figured if that didn’t have all the details on their connection to the Conclave, nothing would.

Unfortunately, she was starting to suspect that she maybe owed Vai one-hundred dollars for a lost bet. 


Chase to Mechanics

Rylee had never been in so much pain. Perhaps she should have seen it coming—of course, the blast from the device she threw on that limo would affect her while driving the motorcycle. Of course, she would be so surprised that as she wrestled for control she lost it completely and ended up with her leg crushed beneath the wreckage. Of course Cosmo the Kobold would survive the attack and run away.

She had to get up – and fast – or risk losing Cosmo entirely. It was clear now that they had been heading to a mechanic in Tasmania, although it wasn’t obvious which one. If she wanted any chance of following him, she’d have to get up before losing sight of the runaway kobold completely.

As she grunted and shoved the broken motorcycle, a flood of pain bursting into her leg, Rylee considered the possibilities. Her boss had briefed her on which auto shops in Tasmania were likely bases for the Conclave of Mechanists. Hobart was the most likely location, but there were multiple car mechanics there who could be part of their plans. Perhaps the mechanic offering service around Brighton would be Cosmo the Kobold’s target.

“Move dammit,” Rylee said as she shoved again, sweat dripping down her forehead, into her eyes. “Come on, there’s no time for this.”

The mangled metal screeched as she pushed it along the asphalt. Finally, she created enough space to yank her leg free. 

Well, at least it’s not broken, she thought, flexing it. Now I’ve just got to make sure that kobold is actually heading to the Brighton car service—not the Cambridge one.

With that thought driving her to push through the pain, she stood, hobbling as she found her footing. Each step came easier than the last, and eventually, she found the strength to shake it off and break into a run. The kobold was getting away, but she wouldn’t lose him.

Far too much was at stake for that.

Cosmo’s Conveyancing Search

Cosmo would search everywhere in Melbourne to find the conveyancing firm which had just acknowledged his kind deed. Unfortunately, although it had only happened mere moments earlier, he could not remember the name of the suburb they operated in with their conveyancing services. With no working phone and no information to go off, he’d just have to try every conveyancing firm in Melbourne.

First, Cosmo decided that he would search for some conveyancing lawyers near Mentone, because he was pretty sure that was the suburb mentioned. As Cosmo the kobold walked the lonely streets of Melbourne’s suburbia, he considered how without money to make his tribe proud, he would never get to see his beloved children again. He had to do this for them, so that they could be proud that their father was a nice man. He was desperate – so desperate. And as he searched for conveyancing lawyers in Mentone, he got a sneaking suspicion that the man on the phone had instead mentioned something about conveyancing firms in the Collingwood area. Hanging his head, Cosmo began the trek toward Collingwood.

Evidently, the conveyancing firm had seen something kind within Cosmo. This was his big chance to change his life – to change the world. The truth was that he knew he’d been meant for more than sign spinning. Perhaps that was why he continually ate the boss’ lunch, expecting to get fired every day until it happened. Perhaps that was why he blew all the money he earned. Now he was free from the expectations on him to work hard in a minimum-wage job and bring the money back to his tribe. He would be one of the most positive people to walk into the conveyancing firm and find new meaning in life. This was a fresh start.

And so, with refound determination, Cosmo made his way to Richmond, sure that he would find the perfect conveyancing firm for him there.

Nature Ruining Flowers

Well, it looks like I’ll have to buy some new flowers. It’s a shame because I really did love those roses. About an hour ago my house just randomly started shaking, which was very scary, and then all my pot plants fell from the windowsill. In the aftermath, all I could do was weep at the sight of the damage. Others may have been concerned for their homes or their families, but I’d just lost my poor, beautiful roses to the destructive forces of nature! My life will never be the same without them.

Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, although that is genuinely how I felt at the time. Now I’ve settled down a bit and realised that I could simply buy seeds online and enjoy the growing process again. It’s really nice watching something you’ve planted grow. I take great pride in cultivating flowers, so maybe this is a blessing in disguise. Thank you random shaking, for destroying my flowers! 

No, actually, I’ve changed my mind. This kind of sucks. Like, sure, I’ll enjoy nurturing new flowers and all, but it’s going to be so much effort. Do you have any idea how hard David Austin roses are to grow properly? So you know what, I’m kind of ticked off that mother nature decided to ruin my beautiful flowers. Why would you do this to me, world?

Admittedly, it was probably a bad idea to put my flowers in pots on the windowsill. A recipe for disaster, even. But what’s done is done. I suppose I only have myself to blame for this unfortunate situation. Next time, maybe I should do gardening outside like a normal person. Maybe this was the world’s way of getting back at me for taking its natural flowers indoors, where they would suffer from the stale air and lack of unfiltered sunlight. Alright, world, you win, I’ll plant my next batch of roses outside. Are you happy now?

– Rose

Car Radio Disaster

My car radio isn’t working. This is a disaster. How am I supposed to drive to work when I don’t have any music playing? I don’t really like driving because I’m impatient and fidgety. I need something to distract me from how long it takes to get to work. There’s nothing I love more than belting out the lyrics to a song whilst I’m driving. I don’t even notice time passing and I actually enjoy every minute of it. It’s like I’m at my own personal concert and I’m the star. Based on this, I’m sure you can understand why my radio not working is the worst thing that could happen to me.

I work in the Melbourne CBD and I drive because I don’t really like sitting in close proximity to people. Even though I don’t like driving and I’m impatient and fidgety, I dislike people even more. I can’t even fathom the idea of driving to and from work every day without a working radio and so I’m booking my car in for a car service local to South Yarra as we speak. I’m very good at multitasking, hence the driving and singing thing. I refuse to drive any more than once at a time without a radio. I’ve explained the seriousness of the issue to the mechanic and he said that he understands completely. Thank goodness.

It would be so bad if I booked into a mechanic and they were apathetic to the situation. It’s such an important one. No matter whether I was booking into a mechanic in South Yarra or a mechanic who does car repairs in the Malvern area, I’d want them to respect my opinion and understand the importance of my needs. Thankfully, I made the right choice by booking into the mechanic in South Yarra. I’m dropping my car there on the way to work today and hopefully, I’ll be able to pick it up tonight with a working radio.

Consulting A Shoulder Specialist

I have such bad luck. It’s like if something bad can happen to me then it will. I have a disability that causes me to blackout and fall to the ground without any warning. I won’t go into the specifics because it’s hard for me to talk about, but it’s really scary and causes me a lot of anxiety. It also causes me a lot of physical pain.

My last episode was when I was alone at a train station. I’m not allowed to drive in case I have an episode, but having one at the station was probably the next scariest thing. I could have fallen straight onto the tracks but luckily I fell parallel to the tracks onto my side. Seeing as I dropped without any idea I was falling, I wasn’t able to brace myself. I fell straight onto my left shoulder and caused significant damage.

Once I had recovered from my episode, which took a couple of days in hospital, I had to consult with a shoulder injury specialist local to Melbourne because I was in significant pain. It wasn’t immediately obvious when I was in hospital because I was on so many drugs to stabilise my condition. I was pretty much a zombie after my epsiode and just spent my time sleeping. Episodes take a lot out of your body because your whole brain is firing at once which it shouldn’t really be doing.

After my consultation with the shoulder injury specialist, it was clear that I needed a shoulder arthroscopy to see what the problem was. Because I obviously couldn’t remember my episode and the paramedics were only told by bystanders what had happened, the surgeons needed more information about my injury before operating. For those of you who don’t know, medical shoulder arthroscopy is basically where they insert a camera into your shoulder through a small incision to see a large amount of the shoulder. To find out more, tune into my next blog. 

Designing Office Spaces

It’s a mad rush to the finish line. I have one more day to submit my personal plans for my office fit-out to the office fit-out specialists for them to incorporate some of my ideas. That was an absolute mouthful – hopefully you understand what I’m saying. The office fit-out specialists said they were more than happy to take my style considerations into account and that they would incorporate them where they could.

They were very clear at the start that they are the best in the business for a reason, and that is because they effectively incorporate the ideas of their clients and industry knowledge to create beautiful office interior design. Companies in the Melbourne CBD that have had these office fit out specialists work on their office spaces have become more successful in the years after. Does that make sense? I don’t know. I’m in such a rush. What I’m trying to say is that getting office fit-outs by this company means that my business operations will improve as a result. Like anything business-related, increasing business productivity and having better operations flow is the goal. We’re in the business of making money, after all. 

I think it is very likely that, based on history alone, my business will benefit from these office fit-outs. Melbourne city-dwellers and office workers love spending time in new and modern buildings. It just goes with the whole Melbournian-vibe. Melbournians love being better than everyone else and having better things. That’s why I MUST get my designs to the office fit-out specialists by tomorrow! If I don’t then I won’t get to have any creative say in the fit-out process. Although I know for a fact that the fit-out people would do a great job, I want to have my own creative input too. I mean, I’m the one paying for it. Okay, I’ve got to stop talking! I’ve got to do my designs.

Quality Bathtub Converters

The bathtub converters are coming to my house today to make alterations to my bathtub! I’m very excited. Once I make these necessary changes to my bathroom, I’ll begin the smooth transition from aging-man-fighting-death to aging-man-accepting-his-fate. That sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

After a couple of months of research, I decided that the best bathroom converters for me would be the ones who did easy step bathtub conversions as their main service. I didn’t want to go to a renovation company that just did bathtub conversions as a side hustle when needed. I wanted this company to focus completely on one thing. That way I could rest assured that there would be no compromises on quality or expertise. If you couldn’t already tell from my last articles, I make the decisions I take very seriously. Anyway, I’ll let you know my thoughts once the bathtub conversions are complete.

Wow! I absolutely love it. The way they’ve done it is so sleek and makes it really look like an accessory, rather than an afterthought. I’ve always prided myself on living in a space that is cool and high class, and the bathtub converters really achieved that with their quality bath modifications. Sydney apartments in the CBD are new and designed to reflect the ‘cool’ vibe of the city centre. I like living here because it makes me feel young, which was really important to me when I was struggling with my age and the idea of getting older. 

I am looking forward to beginning the next stage of my life. I feel like I’ve said that fifteen times over these last few blog posts, but it really is true. This feels like a symbolic stepping stone to the future me and living life safely and to the fullest. I hope that when my friends and family see the bath modifications, they decide to move in the same direction. It will be good for them.

Looking After My Love

I’ve been watching over my Joan for one year and one day now. I’ve been watching her struggle with my departure and it has really saddened me. I love her more than anything and watching her be in pain is the worst feeling in the world. When you love someone, you don’t want them to be sad. Even though I’m not around anymore, I am always with her. I’m the breeze in the air. I’m the thought that dings in her mind reminding her to turn the oven off. I’m the warm energy that surrounds her when she sleeps. I just love her more than anything and I will never truly leave her. 

I am the reason our children had the idea to get Joan into SDA housing in the Adelaide CBD. I watch over my kids every day too, although they don’t need as much attention as Joan does. That’s why I made sure my children thought of getting Joan some company and proper attention from nurses. She needed help, even if she didn’t realise it. 

I’ll admit, I am so much happier watching over her now that she is happy. She’s made some incredible friends and I know that they’re going to look out for her. She doesn’t realise that I watch over her every day, so I think she will feel more secure knowing that there are people out there who are physically there for her. 

My favourite people at the specialist disability accommodation are the nurses. They seem to live and breathe the ideals of professional community nursing. It makes me so happy to watch how well they look out for her. Everything they do is with the residents in mind. The way they care for my Joan mimics how I used to care for her. It makes me very happy.

I love Joan more than anything. I miss her every day and I can’t wait until I can hold her in my arms again. 

Awesome Car Rally

We are now six rounds into our car racing competition and it’s going to be great. My decision to only draft cars that had a really sound service and repair history has paid off. It was also a great decision on my behalf to check the roadworthy and car safety certificates that had been issued to each car. Raceview authorities are extremely adamant about drivers only driving cars that are roadworthy, which is why so many of my competitors have had to forfeit so far this season. A couple of drivers have even forfeited against me which has given me an instant win.

This is a prime example as to why thinking ahead and looking at things such as the date of when the most recent brake repair service was and reading the servicing records is so important. I know it’s not the most entertaining way to spend the off-season, but it’s a great way to make sure the actual season is so much fun.

Sometimes you just have to think ahead. There’s no point in choosing the best, most awesome looking car if it doesn’t run well. I guess that is kind of a metaphor for life really. You have to think things through and not judge a book by its cover, or in this case, not judge a car by its awesome rims or shiny new paint job.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank the expert mechanic driving distance to Raceview for doing such a great job checking over the vehicles that I ended up drafting. Each one of them is flawless to drive and purrs like a kitten. You can really tell that the mechanic who serviced and repaired the cars really cared about how they turned out. The mechanic definitely wanted the cars to run smoothly and they certainly do. They might not be the best looking or ‘coolest’ cars, but they are definitely the best quality thanks to the mechanic in Raceview.